Lankaran is one of the ancient cities in Azerbaijan, the city of regional importance, situated in the south of the country. Not far from the city there are thermal springs, the water of which is used for medical and sanitary aims. The climate of Lankaran is humid subtropical, it is characterized with warm winter and hot dry summer. This climate is favorable for citrus fruits and tea. The Lankaran district is popular with its tea plantations.

Lankaran’s sights:

- Lankaran State Dramatic Theatre
- Hirkan State Park
- Khazar–Lankaran Stadium
- The Flag Square
- Dairavi Gala (an ancient round prison)
- Lighthouse
- Sheikh Zahid Sepulcher
- Hazi Aslanov Park
- Dostluq Park named after A. Aliev
- Sahil Park
- Alley of Martyrs
- Khan's Palace
- Khanbulan
- Hazi Aslanov Museum.